Fuel Nozzles Introduction

Fuel Nozzles Introduction

The FUEL NOZZLE is the terminal output of the fuel dispenser in the gas station,that is, the part that contacts the oil tank of the car. Generally used are Automatic Fuel Nozzles and manual fuel nozzles.

Fuel nozzles are designed to control the amount of fuel being dispensed from a fuel transfer pump . There are two main types of fuel dispensing nozzles, these are Automatic shut off nozzles and  Manual Nozzles. An automatic fuel pump nozzle shuts off when the fuel tank being refueled becomes full, which stops the flow of fuel and prevents an overfill from occurring. They are popular for use on big or small gas station.A manual fuel nozzle won't close until the trigger is released. Manual nozzles are popular for use on plant machinery and within the agricultural market as they are much cheaper. It is also worth noting that automatic nozzles can't be used on gravity feed systems and a manual nozzle would be required.

There are many manufactures of fuel nozzles in China.The one of most famous is XUZHOU DESHENG PETROL MACHINE CO.,LTD. It has many types of fuel nozzles,such as 11A,11AP,11B...The features: Small, portable ,light weight easy to use. high quality with reasonable price and hot sale all of the world.

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